Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR)


Dr. Ramdas M. Pai
President & Chancellor
Manipal University

   Dr. Ranjan R. Pai
   CEO & MD
   Manipal Education &
   Medical Group

Dr. H. S. Ballal
Pro Chancellor
Manipal University

   Dr. Vinod Bhat
   Vice Chancellor
   Manipal University

Conveners- Directorate of Research

Dr. N. Udupa
Research Director (Health Sciences)
Manipal University

  Dr. Satish Shenoy
  Research Director (Technical Sciences)
  Manipal University

Dr. Raghu A R
Deputy Director Research (Health Science)
Manipal University

Chief Mentors

Dr. G K Prabhu

  Dr. Poornima Baliga