2nd International Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR)

With huge requests, submission deadline extended till 15th November 2016.

Important Dates

Submission deadline
full paper
15th November 2016
Acceptance Notification 20th November 2016
Registration Deadline 30th November 2016
Conference date 7th-9th December 2016


Ad Hoc & Sensor Network
Advanced Computing Architectures and-
- New Programming Models
Autonomic and Self-Managing Middleware
Cloud Computing and Applications
Communication Systems
Computer and Microprocessor-based Control
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Cryptography & Network Security
Data Base Management Systems
Data Mining & Warehousing
Digital Signal Processing
Distributed System
Evolutionary computing and-
- intelligent systems
GPS and Location-based Applications
Healthcare Management -
-Information Technology
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Image Analysis and Processing
Instrumentation Electronics
Knowledge Based Systems
Location Based Services
Management Information Systems
Micro/Nano Technology
Mobile Computing and Applications
Mobile Networks and Services
Natural Language Processing
Open Models and Architectures
Operations Research
Programming Paradigms -
-for Pervasive Systems
Real-Time Systems Security and-
-Risk Management
Software Engineering
Virtual Reality
Web Technologies
Control, Instrumentation & -
Energy Sciences & Engineering
Ocean Science & Engineering


Wireless Technology
Advancement in Inverter Technology
ANN Based Power System Restoration
Artificial Intelligence in Power Station
Asynchronous systems
Axial-field electrical machines
BiCMOS Technology
Biomass Fuelled Power Plant
Biometric Fingerprint Identification
Buck Boost Transformer
Cable Modems
Circuit Breaker Switching &-
- Arc Modeling
Cluster Meter System
Development Status of Superconducting-
- Rotating Machines
Digital Testing of High -
-Voltage Circuit Breakers
Direct Broadcast Satellite
Electric cars
Electric field optimization of high-
- voltage electrode based on neural network
Electrolytic Hydrogen: A Future -
- Technology for Energy Storage
Energy transmission system for an -
-artificial heart leakage inductance compensation
Integration of IT in Machine Tools
Intelligent Substation
Interactive Voice Response System
Neutral networks in process control
Night Vision
Nomad Expert Technician System
Design, Manufacturing &
Product Development
Micro & Nano Engineering
and Others relevant areas...

Health Science

Immunology and Infectious diseases
Diabetes Mellitus and Endocrinology
Cardiology and Vascular medicine
Bleeding/clotting disorders and -
-transfusion medicine
Gastrointestinal, hepatic and-
- pancreatic disease
Biochemical markers of health-
- and disease
Clinical epidemiology
Novel drug delivery systems
Reproductive Medicine
Bioinformatics of Diseases
Nursing and Palliative care
Neurosciences and Mental health
Drug Discovery
Education of Health Professionals
Healthcare Management

Life Science

Aquaculture and Marine Science
Conservation Biology
Environmental Science
Forest Plantation and Agroforestry
Science Education
Toxicity assessment
Quality guidelines, environmental -
-regulation and monitoring
Water and air pollution and its management
Biotechnology applied to -
-production of better quality food
Biochemical and bio-molecular engineering
Medicinal Chemistry
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Genes and their Regulation
Gene Regulation and Transcriptomics
Cell Engineering
Medical Robotics


Creativity and technical entrepreneurship
Technical organizations and their management
Leadership and HRM; motivating/leading technical people
Product development, R&D, design management
Managing engineering and production operations
Project planning, acquisition, organisation, leadership/control
Financial management for engineers, cost estimation/accounting
Decision-making processes
Technology and knowledge management
Planning, forecasting and marketing issues
Project and risk management
Economic decision/capital investment analysis; design/project economics
Engineering management in the service industry
Public policy analysis