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MAHE-SRF (Manipal Academy of Higher Education Student Research Forum) is a student body (operational under the aegis of Directorate of Research, MAHE, Manipal), that emboldens the spirit of research among the student community of MAHE. The council was constituted in the year 2013 and since then successfully, it has organized many events promoting the research among the students of MAHE. Every year the committee organizes various competitions/events at the university level e.g., Research Poster Competition during Manipal Research Colloquium, Summer Training Programme, Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical research (ICHTR) etc., where students present their original research work in the form of posters and oral presentations. So, overall these events carve an appropriate platform for the students, providing them the appropriate exposure towards the scientific research. Along with, MAHE-SRF also assists towards several other events related to skills development and youth empowerment talks etc., which help in the overall development of the students apart from their academic growth.