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ICHTR 2023

With great pleasure, we invite students (undergraduate and postgraduate), Ph.D. scholars, researchers, academicians along with healthcare and technical science professionals to be a part of the “Interdisciplinary Conference on Healthcare and Technical Research (ICHTR), to be held at MAHE, Manipal, India on 6th and 7th of November 2023. The conference is organized by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education Student Research Forum (MAHE-SRF), which is functional under the aegis of the Directorate of Research, MAHE, Manipal, India. This conference will provide an eminent platform to participants from various disciplines to project their research data and to be a part of interactive sessions with the peers of related fields. “ICHTR-2023” aims to ignite the young minds to come up with innovative ideas for the improvement in the quality of healthcare, technology and management. The conference will feature guest-lecture and panel discussions involving renowned researchers in healthcare, technical and management fields. The conference will bring together the experienced minds with the young enthusiastic student communities of a multitude of interlinked domains – medicine and health sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, basic and applied sciences, engineering sciences, management sciences and related areas. In the current era, there is a necessity for researchers from various fields to come up together, sharing their novel ideas, innovations and experiences. In the same context, ICHTR will serve as a medium to interact with professionals fostering new collaborations through networking events along with oral and posters presentations sessions. The conference is anticipated to attract a huge number of high-quality abstract submissions and inspire students, researchers, and scientists to share their research achievements.